§1. General Points

1.      The 6th Congress of Medical Simulation for Students and Young Doctors – MedIQ, referred to hereinafter as Conference, will be held on the 27-28th of April, 2018 at the campus of the Medical University of Lublin (Collegium Maius and Collegium Anatomicum 4 Jaczewskiego St. 4 and Centre of Medical Simulation Chodźki St. 19).

2.      The Conference is organized by the Student’s Association of Medical Simulation, Centre of Medical Simulation, Department of Didactics Medical Simulation and Students Scientific Association.

3.      The Conference divides into three parts: public opening  of the ceremony, training sessions and scientific sessions.

4.      The scientific session implies a part including oral presentation of implemented research.

5.   The training part of the Conference should be understood as discussion panels and workshops organized by the Student’s Association of Medical Simulation and Department of Didactics Medical Simulation – scheduling for particular panels, workshops as well as regulations concerning those events will be announced in a separate notice.

6.      The public part of the Conference should be understood as opening lectures and as an event Run for health.

7.      Medical, dentistry, nursing and midwifery students of all years at Medical Universities may participate in the 6th Congress of Medical Simulation for Students and Young Doctors – MedIQ.

8.      Students of other faculties and English Division can not participate in the Congress.

9.      Participation in the congress will not require any fee payment as those are covered by the POWER budget.

10.  The official website of the conference is www.congress.edu.pl.

11.  The official languages of the Conference are English and Polish.


§2. The Conference programme

1.      The Conference will hold the following scientific sessions:

§   Case Report I

§   Case Report II

§   Case Report III

§   Basic Science I

§   Basic Science II

§   Internal Medicine I

§   Internal Medicine II

§   Public Health I

§   Public Health II

§   Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Neurology and Radiology

§   Surgery

§   Gynaecology

§   Poster session

2.      The minimal number of 7 or more scientific papers from at least 2 different scientific groups are required to be accepted in the review process and listed to be presented during the session.

If the number of research papers for the session does not meet this requirement, the enumerated session will not be held. The organizers reserve the right to transfer any accepted research to other session most closely related to the topic.


§3. Terms of registering and accepting abstracts

1.      The registration deadline is 12th March 2018.

2.      The abstract submission deadline is 16th March 2018.

3.      Abstracts are to be submitted only in English via electronic registration system available through the Conference Website.

4.      The abstract should be structured (i.e., divided into the following sections):


·         Introduction

·         Aim of the study

·         Materials and methods

·         Results

·         Conclusions

5.      The Case Report Session abstract should divided into the following three sections:

·         Background

·         Case Report

·         Conclusions

6.  We accept only abstract of Original Research Paper and Case Report (only in Case Report Sessions). Review abstracts are not allowed.

7.   The abstract should contain no more than 2500 signs including spaces.

Title, authors, tutors of papers and internal titles (introduction, aim of the study etc.) are not included in the count.

8.     The application form is no to contain tables, graphs or drawings.

9.     Only one presenter may submit the abstract.

10.   One person (active participant) may present maximum three papers.

11.  The maximum number of authors is 5 (Only students can be authors and co-authors).

12.  The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the form of presented abstracts and to transfer them to another session.

13.  The author of the scientific paper will be informed about the acceptance, assigned session, type of presentation or rejection of the paper through an email until 8th of April, 2018.

14.  The decision to accept or reject the work is final.


&4. Accompanying events


1.   During our congress there will  be two accompanying events: the Symposium of Medical Simulation and the Run for Health

2.  In the Symposium of Medical Simulation can participate students of other faculties and English Division.

3.  It consists of scientific session and workshops.

4.  To participate in the Symposium of Medical Simulation conference fee has to be held.

5.  The Symposium of Medical Simulation’s fee amounts to 70 PLN and has to be paid not later than 5th April, 2018

6.  There is only one form of the registration fee payment - a money transfer to a bank account.

7.  In order to issue a VAT invoice by the Medical University of Lublin, participant must select an option in the registration form.

8.  The number of the bank account will be placed on the webside.


§5. Principles and forms of presentations

1.    The only acceptable form of paper presentation is oral presentation in English or Polish.

2.    The authors are obliged to prepare a multimedia presentation in English or Polish.

3.    The presentation should be prepared in Microsoft Office PowerPoint (allowed extensions: *.pps, *.ppsx, *.ppt, *.pptx) or Adobe Reader (*.pdf). Organizers do not take responsibility for malfunctions of presentations created in different formats. All animations and sound files are attached by the authors at their own responsibility.

4.    The presentation should be submitted by 20th April 2018 to the email address of appropriate session coordinator with the name of the person presenting the paper, the title of the paper and the session.

5.    The paper will be presented by only one of the authors. Presenter is obligated to participate in the discussion after concluding one presentation. The discussion may be conducted in English or Polish. Co-authors are also allowed to participate in the discussion.

6.    Presentations will be held according to the timetable set by the Organizing Committee.

7.    The timetable will be published on the website www.congress.edu.pl no later than 3 days before the 6th Congress of Medical Simulation for Students and Young Doctors – MedIQ, i.e. before 24th of April, 2018.

8.    If the author is absent at the time of one presentation, presentation will be moved to the end of the scientific session.

9.    The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the timetable. Registered participants will be informed of any changes on regular basis.

10.  Presenter in an oral session has 7 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for the discussion.

11.  Presenter of a case report has 5 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for the discussion.

12.  Presenter of a poster in poster session has 3 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for the discussion.

13.  In all sessions presenter has to be a student.

14. The person who leads the session has the right to stop the presentation or discussion in case of exceeding allotted time.

15. The person presenting the paper on the 5th Congress of Medical Simulation for Students and Young Doctors – MedIQ receives a Paper Certificate (one certificate for one paper).


§6. Jury and awards

1.    Accepted papers will be presented during the Conference and will take part in the competition.

2.    The papers will be judged by a Jury consisting of acknowledged specialists in the particular field.

3.    The evaluation of the Jury is ultimate and undisputable.

4.    A Jury on a scale 0-3 will judge presentations in the following categories: method of presentation, on basis of content, attractiveness of the subject. In addition, the presenter may receive additional 1 point for presentation in English and 1 point for a discussion in English. For extending the alloted time, presenter loses 1 point.

5.    The authors of the best works will be awarded.

6.    The jury chooses from the presented works the best works according to the following rules:

         three best papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) in every oral session

         three best papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) in case report

         three best papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) in poster session

7.    The winners of each session will be announced and awarded during the official Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony will be held on 28th April, 2017 at the Collegium Maius, Jaczewskiego St. 4 at 6.00 p.m.


§7. Final Points

1.    The Organizing Committee are to resolve the points of disagreement, not regulated by this Regulation.

2.    The participation in the 6th Congress of Medical Simulation for Students and Young Doctors – MedIQ constitutes an acceptance of these Regulations.

3.    The participant of Conference submitting abstract on the 6th Congress of Medical Simulation for Students and Young Doctors – MedIQ, consents for processing of all data provided during the registration of the scientific paper for the purposes of the Congress Organizing Committee tasks, for a preparation of the abstract book, publishing the abstracts and results of the competition on the Student’s Association of Medical Simulation’s Website and Conference Webpage.

4.    The organizers are not responsible for personal belongings of participants that can be lost, damaged or stolen during the Conference.

5.    Participants assume liability for destruction they made on the premises, in which any activities related to the Conference are carried out.

6.    These regulations become effective on the date of its entry on the official website of the Conference.