Our congress is under the Honorary Patronage of:

His Magnificence Rector Prof. Andrzej Drop, MD, PhD
Rector of the Medical University of Lublin

MedIQ - 6th Congress of Medical Education and Simulation for Students and Young Doctors is an international conference organized for the 6th time by the Center of Medical Simulation in Lublin.

Thanks to the experience that we have gathered through past years, we are sure that this edition will be perfectly arranged in a metorical as well as organizational way. MedIQ will take place on the 27th and will last until the 28th of April 2018.

The participants of the conference will have the opportunity to present their scientific heritage in theme sessions and a poster session. What is more, each person taking part in the conference will be given the possibility of competing in „Run for Health” promoting physical activity and healthy life style. 

During the event, the regional qualifications for international contests in Simulation Wars „SimChallenge” will be led. Apponting the best team among all members of the Medical Simulation Group is the main aim of „SimChallenge”. Each year, the show gains more interest among the audience. The qualifications are organized in a Collegium Maius Hall equipped with 553 seats.

The academic community stands a chance to see a show „Anatomy can be enjoyable” where both students as well as employees of the Medical University of Lublin can be seen on stage. Profits gathered from the tickets' sale (each year there are approximately 500 pieces sold) will be given to charity.

This event has many student members and young doctors in and outside of the country. On the basis of last year's observations in April, we can expect approx. 300 contestants. The workshops and lectures during the conference will be carried out by the greatest celebrities of the medicine's world.


MedIQ 2018 - photo report

MedIQ 2018 - Book of abstracts